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Digitally Preserving Scrapbooks

Scrapbooks are One of a Kind If you have ever created a scrapbook on your own or looked through one made by someone else, you can appreciate the amount of love and effort that goes into making one. The unique nature of such an album makes it one of a kind and irreplaceable if lost […]

Scanning Resolution

Digital Image Megapixels We are all familiar with the term ‘megapixels’ in describing the image size and clarity of pictures taken with digital cameras and smartphones. A large megapixel image contains a high density of image pixels that make up the image. This is great for enlargement and cropping with maximum detail. Scanning Resolution Scanning […]

Image File Format: JPEG or TIFF?

Do you know the differences between a JPEG or TIFF format digital image?  Each format has its benefits and drawbacks and it is important to understand and consider the difference. JPEG Format This format is highly compatible and common for general purposes.  It is the standard file format in modern digital cameras and uses a […]

Slide Scanner Quality Comparisons

There are many types of scanners marketed to convert slides and negatives to digital, but there is a wide range of options resulting in varied quality results. If you are going to spend the time, money, and effort to convert family slides to digital, be sure you know your options. Not all Scanners are Created […]

Scanning Photo Album Pages

Photo Glued to Album Pages You may have a few photo albums in your collection that have photos glued directly to the pages. This was a common practice, especially around the 1940s. You may be wondering how to possibly digitize them? Since it is impossible to remove the photos from the page to scan, we […]

Organizing Digital Images

Physical or Digital Organization? You may look at your collection of photos, slides, negatives, and memorabilia and find that you don’t even know where to begin. If you don’t consider it practical to organize your collection physically, then you may choose to just get it all scanned and organizing digital images instead by creating subject […]