Memories Renewed provides professional photo scanning services to preserve photo memories so they can be enjoyed in today’s digital age. We scan all shapes and sizes of photos and offer flexible storage and viewing options.  Now is the time to convert your photo collection to digital!

Photos of All Sizes

Photos in Albums


Scrapbook Pages

We are an Owner-Operated Company Providing Custom Quality Service

All projects are completed on-site at our studio location in Spring Lake Park, Minnesota.
We love what we do and always strive to provide the best quality and service.

Preserve Precious Memories

We take that box of photos you’ve been wanting to do something about and make them fun and easy to enjoy!  Once digital, your photo memories can be readily viewed without digging through a box to find a photo.  Digital photos can be copied and easily shared with family members so that everyone can have their own.

High Resolution Photo Scanning

We scan photos at high resolution 600dpi for archival quality digital images which offers increased flexibility for enlarging, editing, and printing. Each photo is carefully scanned by hand and includes precise cropping and manual editing for best quality results.  All images are reviewed 3 times through our digitizing process for proper quality assurance.

Photo Scanning

White Glove Service

We gently handle your photos and wear photo handling gloves so we don’t leave any fingerprints behind and wipe photos clean of dust and debris before scanning. We accept photos of any size, shape, age, or condition.

Professional Photo Restoration

We offer advanced digital restoration for photos that are in damaged condition, including: color & fading, scratches, wrinkles, tears, stains, water damage, etc. The original scans are preserved by request for true digital archival. Restoration Samples

Photo Restoration
Photo Album Service

Photo Albums

We handle all shapes and sizes of photo albums. Each photo is carefully removed, scanned, and replaced. If photos are glued to pages we will scan directly from the page and if pages have writing around the pictures we can also scan the full album pages to preserve the layout. We also digitize scrapbook pages up to 12″ x 17″.

Custom Digital Organization

We scan and organize your photos digitally in the order and groupings provided based on subject or year. If your photos are not organized, you may find it easier to organize them digitally after scanning.


500+ Images = 10% Discount
All scanning projects include 600dpi resolution and manual editing for best quality results.
JPEG image format is standard (TIFF & JPEG optional +$.10 per image)

Photo ScanningPricing
Loose Photos – All Sizes up to 8.5 x 11$0.60 each
Photos in Albums – Includes Remove & Replace$0.90 each
Scanning Annotations on Back of Photos$0.30 each
Photo Sizes up to 12 x 17$2.50 each
Photo Album Full Page Scans up to 12 x 17$2.50 each
Memorabilia Items – Articles, Documents, Etc.$1.50 each
Photos in Frames$5.00 each
Photos or Items Larger than 12 x 17$15.00 each
Digital Restoration of Aged or Damaged Photos
Color Restoration, Scratches, Wrinkles, Tears, Stains
Varies by Condition
Based on a $60 Hourly Rate
Output Options
Transfer Images to USB Flash Drive$10 (8 GB) $15 (16 GB)
Transfer Images to Data CD or DVD$5.00 / Disc
Transfer Images to Client Provided USB DriveNo Charge
Print Options From DigitalMatte or Glossy Finish
4″ x 6″ Print Size$0.90 each
5″ x 7″ Print Size$2.50 each
8″ x 10″ Print Size$6.00 each
11″ x 14″ Print Size$15.00 each
16″ x 20″ Print Size$25.00 each
Custom Print SizesAvailable by Request