Memories Renewed provides professional video transfer services to preserve video memories to be enjoyed in today’s digital age. We convert most formats of videotapes which can be loaded on a hard drive or made into custom DVDs.  Now is the time to convert your videotape collection!



Video8, Hi8, Digital8

DV Cam, MiniDV, HDV

Betamax, Betacam, Betacam SP, DigiBetacam, Betacam SX

We are an Owner-Operated Company Providing Custom Quality Service

All projects are completed on-site at our studio location in Fridley, Minnesota.
We love what we do and always strive to provide the best quality and service.

Rediscover Home Movies

Do you have a box of videotapes filled with irreplaceable memories?  We can help you bring them into the present to be enjoyed and shared with others.  The first step is to convert each tape to digital and then the video files can be loaded on a hard drive or made into custom DVDs.

Digital Video Library

We can convert your collection of videotapes to a digital video library on a hard drive for computer viewing or editing. Each tape we digitize is numbered to correlate to the digital file names. You can copy the videos to multiple hard drives to share with family and friends.

Custom TV Ready DVDs

We can create custom DVDs in a slimline case with a printed thumbnail index of the video contents for a quick view of the subject matter.  It is easy to navigate video footage and playable on any standard DVD player.

Video Transfer Pricing

10% Discount off Projects $500+
$50 Minimum Order

Videotape Transfer to DigitalPricing
VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV Formats$15 per Tape
PAL, Beta, HDV Formats$25 per Tape
Output Options
USB Flash or External Hard Drive
Drive Size Varies Based on Total Footage
$10 – $80
16 GB to 1 TB Sizes
Client Provided Factory Sealed USB DriveNo Charge
Dropbox Download$10 up to 15 GB
Custom DVD with Thumbnail Index Case
Playable on a Standard DVD Player
$15 per DVD
up to 2 Hours
Additional Options
Optional Custom Editing of Video
Remove Scenes, Combine Footage, Re-sequence Video
Varies by Complexity
Based on a $60 Hourly Rate
Convert DVD to MPEG-4 File
Non-commercial DVDs transferred to editable video files
$15 per DVD
Convert SD Card Video to Custom DVD
Any size SD card or internal hard drive camcorder
$25 per DVD
up to 2 Hours per DVD