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Memories Renewed vs LegacyBox

Legacybox, Don’t Get Boxed In

You have probably seen advertising for the all-in-one digitizing kit from Legacybox in one form or another. Legacybox invests heavily to market their system of digitizing memories, because of that it is difficult to find real and honest Legacybox reviews.

The concept seems simple, you choose a certain item number box which you purchase up front and then wait for your box with a book of barcodes to arrive. Then it’s your turn to comply with their strict organization requirements by putting barcode stickers on your irreplaceable items. No custom subject groupings are allowed with this method, and photos, slides, and negatives must be arranged in groups of 25 images. If you can make it through this arduous task, you drop your box at a UPS store and hope for the best.

Unfortunately, if you research Legacybox reviews, you will find numerous horror stories of items being lost or receiving another customer’s items instead of yours. If you are indeed lucky enough to receive some conversions, the quality is nothing more than a one-to-one transfer at best without any custom editing or quality assurance.

Legacybox, Empty Box and Empty Promises

Once you have purchased and received your empty box, there is no refund option – or turning back. Instead, you only have their promise that if you send your box to their warehouse in Chattanooga, TN, they will send you multiple status updates for weeks or months. Only then you may discover they were unable to transfer certain items, for which they will give you credit (but for items in the future).

Legacybox, Always a Big SALE

Legacybox is always running a deceptively discounted sale of their digitizing kit offerings. 50% off or more is standard from of overinflated starting prices but that comes with a laundry list of terms and conditions you really should read. Their marketing style instills an unrealistic sense of urgency for you to buy their product, but their average turnaround time is several weeks or months long.

Legacybox, Multiple Brands, Same Company

Legacybox is only one of the brands under the AMB Media Group umbrella. They also operate as Southtree and bought licensing to brand themselves as Kodak Digitizing Box, which is not the actual Kodak company, which can make it difficult to find Legacybox reviews. All three companies’ orders are funneled to the same warehouse processing building in Chattanooga, TN.

Memories Renewed



Memories Renewed invoices at the time of project completion but requests a 50% deposit for projects estimated to be over $1000

Legacybox requires prepayment for an empty box and book of barcode stickers.


Memories Renewed offers fair and honest pricing on a per-item cost based on formats and has only a $20 minimum project charge.

Legacybox sells their service in packages you must conform to at a suspiciously permanent “big sale” of overinflated prices.


Memories Renewed will accept projects organized as the client provides and will create custom titled subject folders for the digital output to match the originals.

Legacybox requires specific pre-organization by the customer into unrealistic item groupings using irrelevant barcode stickers to fit in the provided box.


Memories Renewed sends an email order confirmation to print and include in your own packaging using the courier method of your choice and ship without delay.

Legacybox requires you to wait for their box to arrive before you can fill it and you must use UPS to ship.


Memories Renewed has always focused on quality first with custom editing included and a thorough quality assurance review by a caring team overseen by the founder and owner. Our client reviews speak for themselves.

Legacybox offers clearly stated one-to-one analog-to-digital direct transfers without any editing or quality assurance. A plethora of poor Legacybox reviews regarding quality will support this fact.


Memories Renewed specializes in digitizing a wide range of formats, including all types of photos, photo albums, slides, negatives, film reels, and videotape formats.

Legacybox offers transfers on a limited set of standard formats and does not accept many items, including photo albums, scrapbooks, or film reels with sound.


Memories Renewed processes projects with an efficient workflow to accommodate turnaround times depending on project scope – from a few days for smaller volumes to a several weeks on larger volumes.

Legacybox typically takes weeks or months to send you your final product in addition to the time it takes 1) to receive your empty box kit, and 2) to organize according to the rules.


Memories Renewed was founded in 2004 by Chris Fure who continues to own and manage the business with a small team of professionals who also have years of experience in digitizing analog formats.

Legacybox operates under different brands in a large warehouse with a high turnaround of inexperienced labor workers and largely employs high school students at a training academy.


Memories Renewed proudly responds to communications with our clients by phone and email which are handled by management. Chris Fure, the founder and owner, can be contacted directly.

Legacybox is a large operation with a call center staffed by people who are disconnected from your actual project and provide limited status updates.

Legacybox Reviews

Legacybox has a bad reputation, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Read and learn from these real customer experiences and don’t make the same mistake.

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