Digitally Preserving Scrapbooks

Scrapbook Page Scanning

Scrapbooks are One of a Kind

If you have ever created a scrapbook on your own or looked through one made by someone else, you can appreciate the amount of love and effort that goes into making one. The unique nature of such an album makes it one of a kind and irreplaceable if lost or destroyed by natural disaster.

Digitally Preserve for the Future

The best way to ensure a scrapbook is around for the future is by digitally scanning all the pages. Not only is the scrapbook backed up, but also available to view with a computer and magnified on a screen to easily read and view photos.

Family Members Each Have a Copy

The problem with a scrapbook is there is only one copy that one person is in possession of.  Once digital, the images can be easily shared with family members so everyone has their own copy. We can create multiple data discs or can load the images on a USB flash drive to be copied. We can also compile the pages into a PDF document for easy viewing.

The most common size of scrapbook pages are 12″ x 12″.  We have the equipment to large enough to scan each page as one image at high resolution for archival quality digital images.



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  1. Deborah King
    Deborah King says:

    If I wanted to try a digital scrapbook, and I had some old type scrapbooks that my mother-in-law had did for my husband and they are falling apart. They included newspaper articles and such about his high school days. Is there any way to preserve them digitally? Also I have kept every Mother’s Day, Father’s Day card, Birthday card, my children have gave me, can you preserve them digitally?

    • Chris Fure
      Chris Fure says:

      We do also digitally preserve memorabilia items such as newspaper clippings and greeting cards in addition to full page scanning, so yes we can usually work with digitizing most scrapbook materials.

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