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Memories Renewed was chosen as the best photo scanning service by Wirecutter, a New York Times company.


We’ve spent 80 hours of research and testing to figure out that the best place for most people to get their photos and film scanned is Memories Renewed, an online scanning service based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We came to this conclusion after researching 37 different scanning services; shipping out slides, negatives, and prints to the 12 most promising contenders; and then submitting a set of damaged family photos in need of restoration to our final three picks. Memories Renewed consistently delivered great-looking digital files throughout our testing process, offering the best combination of price, quality, and turnaround time of any service we tested. Their order process was simple, communication was prompt and personal, and our originals were safely packed for return, things we couldn’t say for all of our contenders

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Wirecutter Inc., A New York Times Company

The Best Photo Scanning Service

After comparing comparing our scans with other services, Wirecutter chose Memories Renewed as the best option for most people to get their photos scanned. It is truly an honor because there is a sea of options available for people to consider when choosing a digitization service. The original article can be viewed here.

Personalized Quality Service

Your photos and videos are important! We at Memories Renewed strive to do our best to provide you with an affordable yet personalized service.  Memories Renewed doesn’t require payment upfront, and will only charge you for the media that you send to us and want digitized. We will give you a free quote, communicate with you during each step of the process of digitizing your materials and return great digital versions!

Other Reviews

Wirecutter wasn’t the only client that was blown away by our service. Our customer reviews speak for themselves!

Super professional video transfer. I paid for a link in Dropbox and a USB stick. Quick turnaround, very very nice
I received my digitized slides from Memories Renewed two weeks ago. Considering their age (50+ years) and storage conditions - severe summer and winter temperature swings, dust and humidity - they turned out fantastically.By coincidence my daughter, and her family were visiting from Montana. It was most enjoyable for us as a family to view the photos together. Thanks to you and your staff for the time, tedium, and dedication to their craft that we now all enjoy.
Order completed way ahead of schedule. Image quality superb. Cost more than reasonable.
Excellent job and very personable!
Upon re-discovering several reels of Super 8 film from the 80s, I decided I had better digitize them before they deteriorated further. I chose 4k output to get the very best rendering. Color balance and clarity are excellent--true to the original film. On top of that, it is nice to be able to watch the films anywhere. I loaded them onto my home media server and can watch them on my TV. Also, they are easy to share with family in cloud storage. Great job!
We could not have been happier with the job Memories Renewed did. The 8mm movie reels had been in a hot South Carolina garage for decades and the movies came out great. We will definitely recommend this company and will be sending more memories their way soon.
Best experience! We needed a rush order and they got it to us 4 days before the proposed date. Images turned out great and being able to have them on a flash drive for the rest of time is so awesome, I can’t thank the team at Memories Renewed enough, I’ll definitely be back
They did a great job with two VCR tapes I sent in. Turn around time was good and price was reasonable. I will definitely be using this service again!
Excellent customer service! They kept me informed throughout the entire production process from receipt of my 35mm negatives right up to the shipping information. Very easy to use their service.
After reviewing 50 year old slides that we kept saying we want to have prints made, we saw the wonderful review of Memories Renewed in Consumer Reports. Like everyone else, we were concerned about sending these memories to a site we had no experience with. Memories Renewed kept us aware every step of the way, when received, when processed in jpg photos, and finally when the flash drive and our original slides were on their way back home. The end pictures are beautiful. Memories Renewed took great care every step of the way. What a great company!
The website was easy to understand. Lay out is not overloaded.
At first, I was nervous about sending my family photos out to be scanned since I had no idea if my photos would be treated with care. BUT, after doing this entire process with Memories Renewed, I can 100% vouch for their professionalism. I swear to god, not a single photo was returned to me out of their original order! They did an absolutely amazing job caring for my family memories, and I will be sure to use their services many more times.Thank you so so much!
They provided quality work at a reasonable price, and a link that I could share with family. The albums consisted of family pictures that my mother had gathered and preserved for many years. This was an absolute treasure!
Great customer service. Very happy with the results. They literally run to take care of their customers.
They did such a good job converting home videos, VHS's from the early 90's to digital. Literally brought back my childhood. Worth every penny and inexpensive. I would have gladly paid more, in fact they probably don't charge enough!
I sent to Memories Renewed a collection of VHS, Video 8, and Mini DV tapes of original movies that my mother wrote, directed, and produced between 1989 and 2004 featuring her grandchildren.The folks at Memories Renewed were incredible at every stage of working with me to digitize the movies, including collaborating with me in deciding on which source material to supply, reviewing multiple sources for a single movie to determine the best one to use, creating a separate file for each movie, and custom titling each file with the movie date and name.The digitized movies are fabulous. We were surprised by the quality given the condition of the source material. Here is what I wrote to them:My mother and I and our family want to thank you guys for a job incredibly and professionally well-done!! It was a true pleasure working with you, and we are thrilled with the results.I can’t believe how you graciously coped with all the materials we supplied and gave us a beautifully done final product with perfect file separations and titling.
Awesome expertise and quality! We had some photos that were over 100 years old and had suffered water damage in a recent move. They were able to not only restore the damaged photos but restore all the photos to match (7 baby pictures) and an added bonus, they were able to colorize the photos! We were so impressed with the friendliness and helpfulness!
Thank you for respecting and safe handling my 60 year old slides. The digital files are great. My order was finished much quicker than expected.I'm so glad I found this amazing place.
I had the immense pleasure to work with Julia and Doug on my very small job. They answered all of my questions with very obvious concern and caring. My job was completed the day after I dropped the slides off. Great job and I would highly recommend this business!
The service and the quality are beyond awesome!they digitized my film from 1971, flawlessly; ♥customer care is very nice, thank you so much!
Absolutely Tops in caring and competent customer service! I had clumsily glued photos into a collage and Memories Renewed turned it into a archive treasure! Beautifully handled from phone call to finished job. Many thanks!
Amazing quality! I had a set of old photo albums that I didn't have the time to scan. They scanned the captions and the photos. Thanks Memories Renewed for a job well done!
Great company to work with! Exceeded my expectations. I will be working with them for my future jobs for sure!
Exceptional service! I had slides from the 1950’s scanned and the quality of the resulting images was truly amazing. My order was also completed quickly. I absolutely recommend Memories Renewed and I will not hesitate to use them again.
Absolutely amazing customer service. They fix a childhood VHS tape and converted it. They saved all those amazing moments. I have now dropped off more items to be converted. Definitely don't hesitate. They are amazing.
I brought quite a few old slides that my mom had given me about 40 years ago. I didn't have a slide projector so I never knew what was on them. I noticed them on a shelf and thought I would see if I could have them made into photos. I brought them to one place and they were put on a USB. I was disappointed because they weren't clear but I was surprised to see that there were pictures of me and my husband when we were first dating, we were teenagers, pics of prom, our wedding and some of my oldest daughter. these were made so precious to me because my husband passed away in April and I didn't have any of these kinds of pictures except for wedding pics. I brought the slides to Memories Renewed and told them about my previous experience at a different place and they assured me they would do their best. First off they did the job much quicker and I can't begin to express how wonderful the new USB was. I put it into a digital frame and it brought me so much joy and comfort to see all the beautiful, clear pictures of my husband. And there were new ones that weren't on the USB from the other place! You can tell they care enough to do such excellent work. I will forever be grateful to them and if you are looking to have a project done, don't hesitate to Have Memories Renewed do it. You won't be disappointed!!
Great service!
Sent in three 40+ year old cassette recordings. Full disclosure, they screwed up on one of them the first time around. Spoke with Julia and resolved the issue most expeditiously. The final product brought tears to my eyes. Gonna have to dig through the archives for their next project. The real deal. Thank you!
Although the turn around is slower than you might like, Chris and his team did a GREAT job of digitizing a some old family pictures and slides for me --...
Great service by true professionals. Best work I have ever seen for scanning film, slides,etc.
We have had two excellent experiences with Chris Fure and Memories Renewed. The first was a mammoth box of more than 50 VHS tapes made by my father who was an amateur film maker. Priceless for the family. Got everything back in mpg2 and mpg4 formats, and they sent the originals back. The second was a smaller box of VHS and Hi8 tapes. Quickly done, and totally professional. I can't recommend these folks enough.
Great work, project was created to my exact specifications. They provided contact throughout the process, from receiving all the way to billing. They were great in answering questions, and I would not hesitate to use them again.
Great derives and quality! Next time you are making funeral poster boards for a loved one consider doing this way. For Our grandmother we did all the photos on scrap book pages. After I had the pages scanned by memories renewed and I was able to make a photo memory book with all the photos for anyone in the family to buy. Turned out great and so glad I made it.
Great customer service and quality. I came in a day or two before Christmas with hundreds of photos to be converted and Chris went out of his way to get all...