How to Organize Digital Image Files

If you don’t consider it practical to organize your collection physically, then you may choose to just scan it all and organize digitally instead by creating folders to drag and drop your images. When naming file folders, it is best to start with the date (start with year) and then the subject title so that the folders will sort correctly by date. Sorting by date is a good start to keeping your digital files organized.

The next issue to consider in keeping your digital image files organized is to name the image files themselves to relate to the subject name. You can either do this by individually renaming each file but if your image files are already named the same except for the numerical sequence suffix, then you can use a batch renaming software to easily replace an entire directory with a new name. i.e. “Image-001″ to “1998-05-25-Graduation-001″ The major benefit of keeping your image file names clean is they can be easily searchable in your image browser or photo management software.

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