What scanning resolution do you use?

High resolution is our standard, which offers greater flexibility for cropping and enlarging the digital images. This includes 4000 dpi resolution for standard negatives, like 35mm, and 3000 dpi for 120 medium formats. A 4000 dpi resolution of 35mm format results in a digital image size of about 3600 x 5400 pixels or about 20 megapixels.

What image file format options do you offer?

The standard digital image output we offer is JPEG. Uncompressed TIFF format is optional by request.

How are the digital files returned to me?

We output your digital files to either an appropriately sized USB flash drive and/or a digital download link via Dropbox.

Do you also offer printing services from scanned negatives?

We specialize in digitization and do not offer printing services. You can use the digital images to make prints from your preferred photo lab.

Is the pricing per frame or per negative strip?

The pricing is per frame. A negative strip with 4 frames would be 4 scans or images.

Do you digitize all frames of negatives, even if they are blank?

We exclude and do not charge for any images that are blank or an otherwise indiscernible image.

Can you scan uncut rolls of film or do negatives need to be cut into strips?

Negative strips must be cut to a maximum of 6 frames per strip, which we will do for no additional charge.

Can you scan sheets of negatives to make contact sheets?

We do not offer a service to scan whole sheets of negatives as contact sheets, but if your objective is to be able to view the images as positives to decipher the subject matter for further selection, one method is to use a cell phone to change the colors to invert in accessibility settings, then point the camera at the images to see them inverted. We also offer select frame scanning options, which you can read more about here

Can I select only which frames I want scanned on a negative strip?

We do offer a select frame scanning option for a surcharge if you wish to choose only select images. Click here for more information and instruction for preparing your negatives for select scanning.

How will my digitized negatives be organized?

We will create custom digital folders for each group of media provided, titled by subject (if applicable). We make it easy to correlate the digital transfers to the original media.

If I have both prints and negatives, which one is better to scan?

As a general rule, scanning from the original negative will yield a higher resolution image, but the quality will depend on the condition of the negative and associated print. The digital image from either a negative or a print will vary since each is digitized using a different process. The image from a negative may show more film grain but more detail, and a scan from a print may look a little less sharp. If negatives were stored in a hot/humid environment, the color dyes can shift, in which case the associated prints may be in better condition.

Do you scan black and white negatives?

Yes, we work with digitizing both color and black and white negatives in many formats.

Do scans of negatives result in a positive image?

Yes, the resulting scan of your negatives will be a positive image, and we include manual editing to enhance color and exposure as needed.

Do you scan APS film cartridges?

Yes, we do have the capability to scan APS cartridge format negatives.