Memories Renewed: Putting a positive spin on negative scanning!

Memories Renewed takes great pride and care in scanning negative projects. We start with cleaning the strips by hand to remove dust and debris and then use professional scanning equipment to digitize at high resolution, followed by cropping and editing to deliver the cleanest and best image possible.

Digital Archivists will scan your images in numerical order according to frame number using discretion to not scan heavily blurred or indistinguishable content – saving you money.

Keep it clean…

Negatives that aren’t stored correctly can be subject to fingerprints, mold, dirt or scratches that may affect the images. Memories Renewed Archivists handle all projects with gloves to protect the precious materials.

The best way to store…

It is best to store negatives in archival storage sheets to keep them clean and in order.

Thankfully, Memories Renewed operates with the latest technology and ingenuity to restore almost all problems your negatives may be facing!

Select Scanning

Select scanning allows the customer to take full control of the images that are digitized and you’ll pay for fewer unwanted images!

There are two ways to prepare your select scan project:

1. Use a marking pencil to write an X over unwanted frames, directly on the negative strip. This will indicate to the Archivist to leave those frames out.

This makes for the speediest select scan and provides the most clarity.

2. Another option is to write on the storage sheet with a permanent marker (do not write directly on the negative with a permanent marker), making boxes around the frames you’d like to scan.

Write the corresponding negative frame number inside the box to avoid any confusion if the strips shift in the sleeves.

Bulk Scanning

Do you have a ton of negatives but don’t want to sort them?

Let Memories Renewed do the work for you!

Choose to scan all frames or just the frames including people.