3D Printing and Archiving your Media

3D Printing is a very versatile hobby and one that can help you while you archive your family’s photo collection! There are countless models online that are available for free. Here are just some of our favorite items like slide storage boxes and VHS cleaners!

35mm Slide Boxes


These are great multi-sized boxes to print to store your 35mm slides in. They are a quick print, with no supports needed. The STLs provided include sizes for 14, 18, 24 or 30 slides. However, you can use OpenSCAD to customize your model to fit any number of slides. The example below has been sized to hold 100 slides.

35mm Film Slide Mount


If you need to replace a damaged slide mount or need to mount some film for projecting or digitizing these film slide mounts are perfect. Just print two and snap them together.

Negative Film Puller


These negative pullers can be great to pull negatives out of plastic sheets that are beyond a tweezer’s reach. There is a short version as well as a long version available. No supports needed.

Reverse Tweezers


These little tweezers can be great for removing photos from pockets in photo albums without damaging the photo. We recommend putting a little bit of electrical tape or hot glue on the ends to help grab onto the photo.

Super 8mm Film Reel Adapter


This adapter will convert a Super 8mm reel to one with a Regular 8mm sized hole. This is often used with regular 8mm film rewinds while cleaning/splicing film. The SCAD file is also provided if you need to make some minor adjustments to allow for a better fit with your setup.

VHS Rewind Tools


If you have a damaged VHS tape and need to rewind it manually, this set of VHS tools are a lifesaver. One piece clips over the middle of the tape, which releases the inside reels, and the other piece can be used to turn the reels by hand.

VHS Cleaner


If you happen to have some VHS tapes that have mold growing on them, not all is lost! You can use this manual hand crank VHS cleaner, along with some swabs and Isopropyl alcohol to safely clean your VHS collection before digitizing.

Floating Photo Frame


This floating photo frame is a perfect way to highlight some of your favorite 4×6 prints. It is a very simple print and is light enough to be hung on the wall with a thumbtack. These can also be scaled up in your slicer to accommodate any photo size.


What better way to archive your digital media but by printing it out into making it into something useful like a lampshade! Lithophanes are really easy to make with a 3D printer.

Thingiverse Collection

You can find all these models as well as others we have found useful and are photography, film, audio or video related at the following Thingiverse collection link.


Happy 3D Printing and Archiving!