What videotape formats do you convert to digital?

We convert your home movies on VHS to digital as well as VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV, HDV, DVCAM, Betamax, Betacam, Betacam SP, DigiBetacam, and Betacam SX, including PAL formats.

What digital video format do you convert to?

Our standard digital file output for videotape transfers is H.264 MP4 format, which is widely compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. We use a high-quality low-compression bit rate setting.

What is the resolution of videotape transfers?

The resolution for all videotapes is SD 720 x 480 except for HDV recorded tapes which are 1920 x 1080.

How are the digital files returned to me?

We output your digital files to either an appropriately sized USB flash drive and/or a digital download link via Dropbox.

How many tapes will fit on a USB flash drive?

The average file size for videotape transfers is about 2 GB per hour of video runtime, so the total data will depend largely on the length of content on tapes. We offer USB flash drives in sizes ranging from 16-128 GB or a 1 TB HDD for larger volume projects.

Can you make DVDs from my videotapes?

We convert videotapes to MP4 digital files for output via USB drive or download primarily, and only offer DVDs as an output option by special request. The digital files offer much greater overall flexibility than physical discs, which are becoming obsolete as multimedia technology advances.

What do you do if a tape is blank or only has TV shows or movies on them?

We have a $10 minimum per tape charge if a tape is discovered to be blank or contains only TV/movie recordings, which we will exclude. We will not transfer any TV recordings or movies unless there are specific recordings you note that you want digitized. For example, a nightly news story with a friend or relative highlighted.

Some of my tapes may only have a few minutes of recording on them. Is the price the same as a full tape?

Our videotape transfer process begins with digitally capturing the full contents of each tape to ensure footage isn’t missed, followed by reviewing each video file in software to trim out blank or static space, leaving only actual video content. Since this process takes the same amount of time and effort as any other tapes, we charge the same flat rate per tape. If we discover a tape to be either blank or only commercial recordings without home movies, we charge that tape as a blank for the minimum charge of $10 instead of the full videotape transfer cost and mark the tape accordingly.

Some of my VHS tapes are extended play up to 8 hours of recorded footage. Can you transfer the whole tape?

The pricing is based on an average tape up to 2 hours of footage, so an 8 hour tape of home footage for example would be priced as 4 conversions since we transfer in real time. Also be aware that tapes recorded on EP (extended play) decreased quality as a sacrifice for the extended length.

Does the conversion to digital include color correction?

The conversion does not include color correction but is also not normally an issue with videotapes, and if so is on a scene by scene basis making universal corrections unpredictable and undesirable. Our conversions do include processes to ensure a more stable transfer without issues like flagging. We review all footage after the initial capture to trim out blank or static sections or non-home movie related content, like TV shows and movies.

How will my video transfers be digitally organized?

We will custom title each digital file with subject info on the original tape, or if that is not applicable, we will assign a number to use in the digital file to correlate with the original source. Each tape will be converted to a single digital video file.

Can you edit my video transfers to remove parts I don’t want?

We can custom edit your video by special request with instructions you provide. Otherwise the video files can be edited using video editing software at any later time.

What if I only want a segment of a tape? Can I send it to you queued to a certain spot to start from?

We can work with capturing only a segment of your tapes without charging extra for the custom request. Please provide a subject description and approximate length of each segment so we can assure we capture the desired start and end accurately.

Can you transfer U-matic tapes to digital?

We do not have the capability to convert U-matic tapes.