Memories Renewed provides professional 8mm and 16mm film transfer services to preserve video memories so they can be enjoyed in today’s digital age. We convert Regular 8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm films that are silent or have magnetic or optical sound. All of which can be loaded on a hard drive or made into custom DVD or Blu-ray. Now is the time to convert your film collection!

We are an Owner-Operated Company Providing Custom Quality Service

All projects are completed on-site at our studio location in Fridley, Minnesota.
We love what we do and always strive to provide the best quality and service.

Film Transfer

Rediscover Home Movies

We will inspect and sort your film reels upon receiving and will label each reel with a numbering sequence.  Each reel is transferred as a separate video to correspond to the reel number and we will also name them with any subject information written on the reels.  The film is returned on the original reels, not spliced together to a larger reel as many other transfer companies do.

Frame-by-Frame Transfer

We use transfer equipment that is very gentle on your film and does not use sprockets or claws to advance the film during transfer. Each frame is over-scanned using a high bit sensor to capture the entire frame, including sprocket holes. Custom cropping is then done on every section of film with software developed by Memories Renewed, resulting in an accurate full frame archival quality capture.

Film Cleaning and Preparation

We carefully clean, lubricate, and repair splices before transfer. Properly cleaning the film greatly reduces debris artifacts for a cleaner output. Film leader is added as needed to ensure every frame of film is captured.

Hard Drive Storage

We can load your film transfer video files to a hard drive for backup and editing or making DVDs on your own. You can also copy to multiple hard drives with no quality loss to share and preserve for family and friends. The films are stored as 1080p digital video, one file for each reel.

Custom DVD

We offer a custom DVD option in a titled slimline case for TV viewing. Subject title descriptions are printed on the case cover and the navigation menu allows you to select which reel number to play or choose to play all in succession.

Reel Sizes

  • Reel Diameter
  • 3″ Reel
  • 4″ Reel
  • 5″ Reel
  • 6″ Reel
  • 7″ Reel
  • Average Feet
  • 50 Feet
  • 100 Feet
  • 200 Feet
  • 300 Feet
  • 400 Feet

Film Transfer Pricing

10% Discount off Projects $500+
$50 Minimum Order

8mm, Super 8, 16mm Film TransferPricing
Silent Film to 2K HD 1920×1080 H.264 MP4$.30 per Foot
Sound Film to 2K HD 1920×1080 H.264 MP4$.60 per Foot
Silent Film to 4K UHD 3840×2160 H.265 MP4$.60 per Foot
Sound Film to 4K UHD 3840×2160 H.265 MP4$.90 per Foot
Custom Editing and Production
Background Music or Special Editing Requests
Varies by Complexity
Based on a $60 Hourly Rate
Output Options
USB Flash or External Hard Drive
Drive Size Varies Based on Total Footage
$10 – $80
16 GB to 1 TB Sizes
Client Provided Factory Sealed USB DriveNo Charge
Dropbox Download$10 up to 15 GB
Custom DVD (720×480) of Transferred Film
Includes a Thumbnail Index and Descriptions on DVD Case
$15 per DVD
up to 2000 feet per DVD

4K vs 2K vs SD Film Comparison Video