Protect your Photos and Films from Flooding

Climate Change and Increased Chance of Flooding

Each year seems to be a record setting year with extreme temperatures and huge amounts moisture. All that extra moisture has to go somewhere when it evaporates or falls as snow or rain, hopefully it’s not your basement or attic! Most people store away their old boxes of photos, slides, or films in a basement closet or their attic and when they are out of sight, they are out of mind… until it’s too late. Each year you see the news stories of someone’s treasured memories ruined forever because of moisture. Don’t let that happen to you!

Digitize and Preserve Them

Not only does digitizing your old film and photos protect them from the elements, you’ll be able to enjoy them again and share with friends and family.  With every scanning order, Memories Renewed offers a private gallery for you and your family to log into and enter in titles and descriptions of each photo. That information is stored directly in the meta data of each digital image. This eliminates the need to write on the back of the photo, risking ink bleeding from the back of one photograph and onto the front of another.

Plastic is your Friend

Once they are digital, make sure you store them away properly for safe keeping. If you have loose photos, group them up and store them in zip storage bags to protect them from moisture. If you have old photo albums or photos in frames, buy some large plastic storage bins with a good tight seal to protect them from humidity. Store them all in a cool dry place. This is especially important for old negatives and film where mold can ruin your originals.

Salvaging Wet Photos

If it’s already too late and your cherished photos have gotten wet, act fast. The longer you wait the more damage, such as mold can occur.  First, gently separate photos from one another and be very careful not to rub the photos.  Secondly, clean any mud or residue from them by rinsing them in clean water.  Thirdly, lay them out individually to dry on paper towels. Do not use newspaper or brown paper bags, as the ink can transfer to the photos and cause additional damage. Periodically change the paper towels until they are completely dry.

Restore Damaged Photos

Do you have some photos that have already suffered some water damage or mold? Memories Renewed’s photo restoration service can help. We’ve worked with many clients to scan and digitally restore damaged photos to bring them back to life.  We can even reprint them in a variety of sizes.

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