Media Transfer Pricing

This is a complete list of our media transfer pricing by format.
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We are a team of digital archivists preserving memories since 2005. Our top priority is quality which includes custom editing and organization with quality assurance review in every step of our process.


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Photos transfer pricing

$0.75 each
Sizes up to 8×10

$0.95 each
Single Photos in Pocket Style Albums

$1.25 each
Single Photos in Adhesive Style Albums

$2.50 each
Full Page Scrapbook Style Albums
and Photo Sizes up to 12×17

$15.00 each
Sizes up to 20×30

$0.50 each
Scan Photo Backs with Annotations

$80 / hour
Advanced Restoration of Damaged Photos

Negatives transfer pricing

$0.75 each frame
35mm Format*

$1.50 each frame
110, 126, 127 Formats*

$2.50 each frame
120 Medium Format

$5.00 each frame
Large Format 4″ x 5″ to 8″ x 10″

$20.00 each disc
Kodak Disc Format

* add $.20 per image for select frame scanning or single cut frames

Slides transfer pricing

$0.75 each
Sizes in 2×2 Mounts*

$1.50 each
Stereo Slides**

$2.50 each
Medium Format Slides

$5.00 each
Formats Sizes 4″ x 5″ to 8″ x 10″

* add $.20 per image for Airequipt mounted slides or 110 unmounted slides
** only the best version of the two stereo images will be digitized

Videotapes transfer pricing

$20 each
VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV

$30 each

$15 repair
Broken Tape Repair

Film reels transfer pricing

Silent Film (most common)

$0.30 per foot
2K HD 1920×1080 H.264 MP4

$0.60 per foot
4K HD 3840×2160 H.265 MP4

Sound Film (magnetic or optical)

$0.60 per foot
2K HD 1920×1080 H.264 MP4

$0.90 per foot
4K HD 3840×2160 H.265 MP4

Audio transfer pricing

$20 each
Compact Cassettes

$20 each
33/45/78 Speed Records

$30 each
DAT Tapes

$60 per hour
1/4″ Reel to Reel

$15 repair
Broken Tape Repair

Media Conversions

CD DVD Floppy Disc Memory Card transfer pricing

$10 each

$10 each
CD to MP3

$20 each
DVD to MP4

$10 each
Memory Cards

$15 each
Floppy or Zip Disk

Output Options

USB flash drive

$10 Digital Download
per 20 GB

$20 each
16 GB USB Flash Drive

$30 each
32 GB USB Flash Drive

$40 each
64 GB USB Flash Drive

$50 each
128 GB USB Flash Drive

$80 each
1 TB External Hard Drive

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