At Memories Renewed, we take the art of digitizing to heart. We understand that what we do is much more than having your image appear on a computer screen, but rather, you are entrusting us with items that tell your story. From start to finish, our team is dedicated to our craft and committed to providing you with a flawless final product.  

Founder and CEO Chris Fure began Memories Renewed because he wanted to provide his family with a digital way to view their treasured memories. His project turned into a passion.  He and Co-Founder/CTO Nathan Williams have carefully curated a staff that encompasses that same passion for photography, digital artistry, and history. 

Will, Digital Archivist, states, Memories Renewed encourages us to bring our ideas and talents to the table. Working mostly with slides, films and negatives – it’s been rewarding for me to digitize these important memories so they can last forever. Whether it’s a distant safari or a family picnic, I can’t help but feel connected to the client through their project!”   

For each employee at Memories Renewed, your project is a labor of love. We know that what we are working with is invaluable. Gloves are worn with all projects to prevent oils and fingerprints on your media.  We carefully review and organize your items as we prepare them for processing. Once your project gets underway, we clean your images of dust and debris before scanning. 

Digitizing media can feel daunting to most, but our dedicated staff and industry-leading technology gets the job done efficiently and with precision. Every item digitized is provided a fundamental edit to remove dust specs, scratches, and administer basic color correction as needed. Seth, Operations Manager, describes, “As a filmmaker and photographer, I am fortunate to be a part of a team that understands the pricelessness of analog media. Coming to work gives me the opportunity to restore long lost items and secure their brilliance for generations to come!”  

The finals steps of your project include a final review by Owner Chris Fure to make sure we are returning your project with the highest of standards.  Chris explains, “Helping people to bridge their past and reminisce in the present is such enjoyable and fulfilling work.”  

As we wrap up your project, rest assured our dedicated customer support will keep you updated on the final details, being there to answer any questions you have from the time you place your order, to the time you receive your completed project. Andrea, Office Manager states, “Customer service is something I have a passion for; we hope to make a customer feel heard and try to deliver on what they are asking for with the hopes that we ultimately create a raving fan.”  

We sure love digitizing aMemories Renewed; it is evident through our people, process, and passion. We hope we have created a fan in you too.  If we haven’t already had the pleasure of digitizing your project we hope to in the future!